The Palm Leaf Library - Thousands of years old and an unsolved secret until today. The mystery of this place is the key subject of 'Madras'. The true story evolves around one of the greatest secrets of mankind.




I have been there. I left my small hometown near Berlin and discovered a legend which says, that every life story is written on a palm leaf; every life story? No - but the live story of all those people, who will undergo the long travel to one of the libraries and search for it. That is what I have done.


And this is, what I have found.




People who have read this book:




'A fascinating book. Whoever wants to find the answer to the question: How many lives do we have? will find it here.'


Günter Prinz, Managing Director and Chief Editor of 'Bild', Germany




'So there is my entire life written on a Palm Leaf in Madras! This book completely changed my understanding of time and space.'


Fritz Bloomberg, Ex-Vicepresident Burda Press, New York




'Mind blowing! The ideal book for everybody who wants to learn about the unbelievable truth behind our existence.'


Gregor Tessnow, Germany


Author of the bestseller and the script of 'Knallhart'




About the Book




1943. It is Christmas. All around the world, children write diaries to somehow cope with the unbelievable experiences they are send through during wartimes and turmoil. The slightly older sister of Antonia Katharina`s mother is 9 years old when she describes the events of one single night through her childish eyes. A destiny that leaves deep impressions on ones soul and won`t leave anyone untouched.

A wonderful reminder of the peaceful times we are allowed to live in today.


About the Author



Antonia Katharina Tessnow is the daughter of a former East Prussian Family who came to Germany after World War I. Her grandparents settled in Berlin but had to flee the city together with their children after their apartment building was bombed and completely destroyed during the last year of World War II. They returned many years later to Berlin, but even though Antonia Katharina was born there, she never felt at home in this city. Today she lives in the countryside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.



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